how to degrease your car's engine and why

As convenient as it is to have a car, the harder it is to keep it clean.

While it’s easy to determine if your car has a dirty exterior, it’s difficult to make the same assumption for the interior. Which often leads to many hidden problems. Just like the heart is a vital organ of the human body, the engine is the heart of any vehicle. It can turn fuel into energy that powers your car.

Again, just like the human heart, we must keep it healthy and grease-free to give our cars a long life. From the day the car starts burning fuel and running, dirt, debris, and grime creep into the engine through the hood openings and the vehicle’s front end. If not cleaned routinely, it can cause severe efficiency issues and reduce your car’s life expectancy and quality.

Therefore, mechanics and automotive companies suggest degreasing your engine daily. Although it sounds hectic, it is necessary to ensure your car’s optimal performance. This blog has some beneficial guidelines to help you through the process without wasting too much time.

Why Does Degreasing Your Car’s Engine Matter?

It helps maintain both the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle. A spick and span car makes detecting other faults easier without always relying on a mechanic. It also reduces the chances of accidents occurring or breaking your bank balance by identifying oil leakage and damaged areas early on. You can find a producer of industrial degreaser to clean the engines and safely remove all gunk for a better and safer road experience.

Why Do Industrial Degreasers Matter?

Not cleaning your engines can accumulate dirt and debris, which often acts as an insulator preventing the heat from dissipating across the machine. This can cause mechanical problems like overheating and damage to other car parts. Adding a degreaser helps dissipate the heat buildup from the engine and optimize fuel efficiency and consumption.

Moreover, no grease means you can quickly identify oil leakages on your car’s surface and fix them immediately before it becomes a significant problem. It also raises the resale value of your vehicle because a clean car is an avid indicator that it has been taken care of and appropriately maintained.

Get Your Equipment Ready Because You’re About to Degrease Your Car!

If you want to drive your car as smoothly as Baby did in the movie “Baby Driver,” you must keep your car as clean as possible. Let’s get your tools ready to get some degreasing done.

Get the Supplies!

First, get everything in your hand, especially the degreaser. Industrial degreasers are easily available at auto parts shops or online. American MFG’s Purple Tuff is also a good option for a multipurpose cleaner, and you can dilute it according to cleaning requirements to clean almost anything in your car.

Also, remember to grab some plastic bags and tapes to cover distributors, spark plugs, and any other electrical components in your vehicle before you apply a degreaser. A stiff bristle brush is commonly used for such cleaning, but you can also use a toothbrush. Scrub, scrub, scrub till all the grime is gone.

Protect Yourself and Use Water for Cleaning

Once the covers are in place, look for a sustainable water supply, usually a hose and a spare bucket waiting in your garage for this very moment. Also, prepare for the dripping water by placing an old cardboard piece below the engine to drain all the runoff. Remember to wear your most worn-out pajamas when collecting all the supplies, not to mention the protective gear, rubber gloves, and safety goggles to save yourself from chemicals and debris.

Let Your Engine Cool Down

If you have just driven your car, let it cool down for some time, as high heat from the engine will vaporize all the liquid. Also, disconnect the battery to prevent any accidental mishap. Now, cover all the liquid-sensitive components, such as the air intake system, exposed electrical connections, and spark plugs.

Time for the Degreaser

Spray the industrial degreaser evenly on the engine surface, focusing on the places with excessive grease accumulation, like the engine block, oil pan, and valve covers. Now, let it sit for the designated time to break down all the dirt and grease.

Usually, the product takes around ten to fifteen minutes to work. Once the degrease has done its magic, use the brushes from your supplies to scrub all the loosened grime thoroughly and gently. Avoid harsh scrubbing as it can damage sensitive areas of your car’s engine.

Rinse, Dry, and Inspect

Rinse it with water to avoid direct splashes on the covered electrical components. Let the water drain and air dry, then use a lint-free cloth to wipe off all the excess. Once it is perfectly dried, carefully remove all the plastic from electrical and other sensitive components.

Reconnect and Test

Reconnect the battery that you previously disconnected before cleaning. Now, run the engine for some time to ensure your car works perfectly.

A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Never skip degreasing your engine if you want your car to run as good as new. If you are confused about the multiple available options, American MFG’s Purple Tuff should be your go-to choice. This producer of industrial degreaser has created a high-quality product using a concentrated, non-toxic formula, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly for car cleaning.