man in a black jacket and black knit cap inspecting car engine & motor oil

Imagine waking up in the morning without your first cup of coffee or that pre-workout meal before you hit the iron paradise… exhausted just thinking about it, huh? We as humans need proper nutrition to operate smoothly; a good diet can promote the generation of healthy cells in the body and help your immune system use healthy and fresh.

So, why do car engines need motor oils?

What nutrition is to us humans,

motor oils

are to cars. As petrol heads, there are only a few things that bring us true joy than feeling the torque and hearing our beast at its prime. The use of motor oil keeps our beast in the best shape.

The car engine is a fascinating piece of engineering. It is a complex collection of intricate parts crafted to ensure all the other components work in synchronicity, not to mention it is the primary source of power to get you from point A to point B with style. Oil serves multiple purposes to facilitate your engine in doing its duty.


The secret lies in the smooth, greasy traces left on your hands and clothes after every maintenance session. The oil’s viscosity helps lubricate the friction between moving parts inside the engine. The intense heat causes the engine to run dry quickly; motor oil helps prolong your car’s health and prevents parts from breaking.


Motor oil keeps debris from piling up inside the engine and transports the junk to the oil filter (which requires consistent inspection as well.) The cleaner the engine is, the less you will spend on maintenance. You don’t need the stress of cleaning your car engine from the inside out; your motor oil does it for you.


Long drives and intense rev sessions can cause the engine to heat up quickly. Motor oil helps keep the car running under safe temperatures. Engine oil supplements your car’s coolant to ensure other parts of the vehicle are not subject to wear and tear.

Corrosion and rust

The byproduct of fuel combustion is corrosive acid capable of damaging metal components in the engine. Modern synthetic engine oils are laced with additives that substantially mitigate corrosion. However, exposure to oxygen may cause variations in how well the motor oils perform to prevent overall engine corrosion.

A solid seal

Another overlooked property of engine oil is the ability to enhance a firm seal on the cylinders and pistons inside the engine. A layer is reposited amongst the different parts, which may seal any arising clearances.
Now that we know the properties of engine oil, let’s discuss the benefits you can enjoy as you treat your beast right.


Regularly keeping an eye on engine oil volumes can go a long way. By reducing the friction between parts, motor oil prevents clogging and corrosion in the engine. This allows the car’s lifespan to be increased exponentially.

Peak performance

Fuel isn’t the only essential responsible for your car performing well. “Like a well-oiled engine” is a universal saying originating from the relationship between peak performance and a well-oiled car engine. Good lubrication helps the engine run smoothly, without bottlenecking, ensuring your long drive doesn’t have to meet an unforeseen pit stop.

Go green

Looking from a greener perspective, a well-lubricated engine reduces CO2 emissions. The car will have to work harder to perform, negatively affecting fuel consumption. So, by prioritizing your car’s motor oil needs, you are taking care of yourself and others.


Due to a global spike in petrol prices, it has become unbearably expensive to be a car owner. You would also want an extensive list of your repairman’s diagnoses. Instead, invest in engine oil to rid yourself of the stress and burden on your bank. Don’t worry about maintaining your engine when your lubricant can do it. Instead, spend the money saved on repairs on smart investments or maybe even pimping out your ride some more.
But how do we choose the right engine oil for your car?


Engine oils vary in terms of their properties and the purpose they serve.

Mineral engine oils

Derived from crude petroleum, mineral oils are refined through a process where natural contaminants and unneeded hydrocarbons are discarded to produce an oil ideal for older vehicle models.

Synthetic oil

A variation is comprised of chemical compounds artificially tailored to facilitate engine lubrication. It can be obtained by chemically tampering with petroleum components rather than crude oil. Synthetic oil can also be produced from other raw materials.

Semi-synthetic engine oils

A blend between mineral oils and synthetic oils to bolster engine performance. The lubricant strives to maintain the proper viscosity in high and low operating temperatures.

Oil in all

Motor oil is a staple to ensure your car delivers its true potential.

Now, there’s your answer to why car engines need motor oils.

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