Windshield wiper

Do you know George J. Capewell invented the Windshield wipers in 1896 but was never credited for its design? Instead, a woman named Mary Anderson gained fame for this discovery. While driving during heavy rainfall, Mary had to tend to the hectic task of stopping her carriage intermittently to wipe the mud and water accumulating on her windscreen, prompting her to look for a worthwhile solution. This led her to come up with the idea of the motorized machine that could clean the windshield, eventually leading to its invention in 1903.

Most drivers do not consider the importance of windshield wipers until they realize their need. Windshield cleaners are essential to the safety measures required to ensure safe driving. Let’s take an example of your car being stuck in a heavy storm or your front mirror splashed by mud. One can’t drive with a soiled mirror as it affects the driver’s visibility. Not having a windshield wiper can lead to accidents. Thus it is better to be prepared than to regret it later.

Today modern windshield wipers and washers are designed in ways to help improve visibility and are regarded as one of the most effective preventive measures to protect from accidents.


Are you aware that most car accidents happen due to poor visibility? Visibility is necessary when driving, and the Windshield washer aids in improving it. If your windshield is clean, there are fewer accidents because it improves visibility. Preparing for weather changes is essential. For this reason, one must adopt all the necessary safety measures before driving. One of the safety measures includes cleaning the wipers and ensuring the washer fluid is filled.

Windshield washers clean better than regular water. It consists of various solvents and detergents that help to remove sturdy strains, making your windshield clearer with a streak-free finish.

Good-Bye Bacteria

Windshield washer fluids contain soap which kills all the bacteria on your windshield. Bacteria spread fats, and driving your car around town increases interaction with many bacteria. Washer fluids prevent unfriendly bacteria from growing and keep your vehicle and family safe from all the viruses. On the other hand, cleaning your mirror with water will make the bacteria stronger.

Winter or Summer: Washers are always Reliable

Do you know plain water can freeze in the winter? But washer fluids can survive in their original form in colder temperatures. In winter, water freezes which even causes the pipes to burst, while these special fluids never freeze, making the product more reliable. Windshield washers can be a little costly compared to plain water, but they are still a good investment as they will save costs for broken pipes and provide better results.


As discussed above, washer fluids help to prevent viruses and bacteria. It also repels bugs and other insects. Special fluids contain various compounds and adhesives that keep the bug away. Keeping the bugs away can leave a sticky mess on your windshield that can’t be removed with water, for which windshield washers play a significant role.

Easy to use

Using a windshield wiper is easy to use, even for beginners. Learning to put the washer fluid in your car in the required quantity is relatively easy.

Steps You Must Take

  • If you hear a screeching sound while using the windshield wipers, it means that the rubber of the wiper either needs to be updated or is missing. Regular maintenance of the wipers is necessary to ensure safety and better performance. Wiper blades are easily cleanable with a warm wet towel and a tiny amount of washer fluid. This will remove the extra dusty particles, making your windshield wipers last longer. Never forget to inspect your blades to see if they are broken or cracked.
  • The next step is to open your car bonnet and inspect the windshield washer system. Check whether the washer fluid is filled or not. Also, observe if it is clean; otherwise, clean the area with a wet towel, so the unnecessary dust doesn’t enter the fluid. Don’t use plain water, as it may freeze and can lead to potential bacteria accumulating on the windscreen. Inspecting the washer nozzles is a must to ensure the water fluids spray evenly.
  • Last, don’t forget to examine the wipers to ensure they are working correctly. After all these steps, you are good to go. Drive safe!


Why do you think every car has a windshield wiper? Some have a rear one too. But why? Because it is considered the most vital tool of a car, you can’t drive properly in extreme conditions without one. Windshield wipers help prevent dangerous accidents and eliminate bacteria while improving the car’s overall performance. Improved visibility for the driver is the key feature that prevents accidents from happening. For buying the best quality fluids, visit American MFG CO.