antifreeze Mechanic checking

As you rev the engine down the empty roads heading towards your destination, the excitement builds as adrenaline flows through your body. You roll the windows down to embrace the breeze on your face and hair when suddenly your summer outing receives a setback as your radiator starts emitting smoke. During your excitement, you forgot that the summer celebrations you yearn for so much could abruptly come to a halt.
If you don’t want to ruin your outing, give your car the care it deserves through antifreeze.

Why should you go for antifreeze?

It’s safe to say, we all have been guilty of neglecting our cars. Checking the tire air pressure and engine oil levels can be boring and demanding for those with a busy schedule. But just like any other relationship, failure to come up with effort and attention, your significant other will give up on you, be it your life partner or car.
Radiator health is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle since it is solely responsible for keeping your engine cool. The maximum duration you can drive with a dry radiator is a minute without any risks. After the five-minute mark, the engine’s health depends upon the car’s make and condition.
The engine can shut off entirely as the car’s safety system kicks in to prevent further damage to components. The worst-case scenario is that the engine is seized and requires expensive repairs, costing you money and valuable time. Wasn’t worth it, was it?
Well, don’t worry. Just unfreeze your journey with antifreeze.

Application and benefits

Some individuals choose to add water to the radiator as an adequate solution. This works if you are looking for engine corrosion and diminished ability to control. Water can be a cheaper alternative, but you are only adding more zeros to the repair bill in the long run.
Antifreeze or coolant is an ethylene glycol-based liquid that lowers the freezing point used in a vehicle’s radiator. It keeps the engine cool and safe from rust build-up that damages the car’s make.
Once topped up to the radiator, the coolant circulates throughout the engine and surfaces back through the radiator. Air circulates through the radiator fins and helps cool that coolant itself.
Antifreeze can greatly cut your car maintenance costs and facilitate a stress-free drive. It increases your car’s longevity and helps you grasp a good price for your asset in case of a resell.
In the summers, especially, your engine is tested to its potential. Antifreeze lets you drive extensive miles without a hint of smoke. Good deal, isn’t it?

Precautionary measures

There are a few aspects to note when incorporating antifreeze into your vehicle. Firstly, adding water to the formula is important before pouring it into the radiator. The water keeps silicates, phosphates and nitrates suspended. The ideal ratio is close to 50:50 using distilled water.
Now, how to add it to your care safely:

  1. Switch the engine off: Let the car cool off first. You don’t want the coolant to splash back or sizzle onto your skin. The burns can be ugly.
  2. Locate the reservoir: The location depends on where your car’s engine is located. It varies from make and model.
  3. Assess coolant levels: Before pouring the coolant in, check the liquid levels to avoid spillage.
  4. Access the reservoir: Unscrew the lid off the reservoir using a glove or cloth to prevent skin burns.
  5. Application: Now add the coolant carefully, keeping an eye on the levels.
  6. Pack up: Once the liquid fills up to the cold fill line, it is time to screw the lid back on. Make sure the seal is tight. Rev away!

How often do you need antifreeze?

Since consumers have seconded its beneficial use, let’s talk about how frequently you must apply antifreeze. It would help if you drained most fluids to discard corrosive debris at varying intervals. Antifreeze operates the same way. You should keep an eye on your coolant levels twice a year, before summer and winter. However, the frequency of coolant replacement is proportionate to how many miles you put on your car. The more it is run, the more likely your car would want attention.

Unfreeze your journey

If you care for your car, your car will care for you. Follow the steps mentioned above to ensure the most out of your vehicle and embark on your adventures stress-free. American MFG strives to facilitate customers by offering a better and more secure driving experience in every weather condition. With our top-of-the-line products, maintain your car’s engine performance and put some miles on that meter.
Now that you know why should you go for antifreeze, don’t stall in the summer and order one today!