American Manufacturing Co. Capabilities

  • Private Label Markets: We serve the private label markets for Automotive & Industrial Chemicals, offering quality products at competitive prices.
  • Comprehensive Services: We provide a range of services for complete turnkey product development, including product formulation & sourcing, packaging design, manufacturing, and distribution.
  • Integration of Proprietary Materials: We can seamlessly integrate your proprietary packaging and shipping materials into our production process.
  • Meticulous Quality Control: We meticulously control all aspects of the liquid & filling cycle of your product to ensure conformance to strict quality standards.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize working closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements, ensuring that the packaging aligns perfectly with their brand's image and target market.

Global Reach

  • Export Experience: With vast experience in exports out of the USA, we have established strong connections with major shipping lines that serve most countries worldwide.
  • Convenient Location: Our company is located minutes away from two of South Florida's major seaports, which are serviced by over 35 of the largest shipping lines.
  • Efficient Logistics: Our manufacturing facility is strategically situated less than 10 miles from the Port of Miami and 30 miles from Port Everglades, facilitating seamless shipping and delivery. We also offer nationwide coast-to-coast delivery within the United States.

Manufacturing Resources

  • Spacious Facility: Our 50,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility boasts over 60,000 gallons of bulk chemical storage capacity.
  • Rail Service: We have rail service with CSX Transportation, providing 4 dock positions for efficient shipping and receiving.
  • Ample Dock Positions: With 16 dock positions, we ensure streamlined operations for shipping and receiving.
  • Advanced Packaging Lines: We operate 3 complete packaging lines, each equipped with a fully automated 12 nozzle In-line Overflow Filler, Capper, and Labeler. Our capacity for expansion enables us to scale according to your needs.
  • Diverse Packaging Sizes: Currently, we offer packaging sizes ranging from 2oz to 275 Gal totes, catering to various product requirements.
  • Flexible Manufacturing Practices: Our flexible manufacturing practices encompass custom blending and formulating, as well as custom bottle design and packaging.
  • In-House Graphic Designer: We have a dedicated graphic designer on staff to provide assistance with all your packaging design needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We have established strategic partnerships with several local plastic bottle manufacturers, ensuring quality control and rapid turnaround.
  • Diverse Bottle Sizes: Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing bottle sizes ranging from 2oz to 5-gallon pails, with designs tailored to suit the Automotive and Industrial markets.
  • Custom Design Options: For private label partners seeking unique bottle designs, we offer custom design and proprietary blow molded bottles to bring their vision to life.

With our extensive capabilities, dedication to quality, and commitment to meeting client needs, we are well-positioned to be your trusted partner in the Automotive & Industrial Chemicals industry. Contact us today to explore how we can support your business.