Vehicle Specific

RUDSON® OE-XLP (Original Equipment, Extended Life Protection) vehicle specific formula is designed to safeguard your vehicle's engine by offering the perfect blend of original equipment compatibility and extended life protection. Benefit the assurance that comes with an antifreeze + coolant that's engineered to provide the longest-lasting defense against temperature extremes and corrosion, while staying true to your vehicle's original specifications. Choose OE-XLP for a coolant solution that not only enhances performance but also extends the life of your engine.

American Orange

Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles 2002 & Newer

Part # AFCVS03O (1 GAL)

American Purple

Jeep, Ram, Dodge or Chrysler vehicles from 2000 & Newer

Part# AFCVS03P (1 Gal)

American Gold

Chrysler 2000 - 2012 , Ford 2002 – 2010

Part # AFCVS03G (1 GAL)

Asian Red/Pink

All Toyota, Lexus & Scion vehicles

Part # AFCVS01R (1 Gal)

Asian Blue

All Honda, All Acura, Nissan 2009 and newer; Infiniti 2009 and newer & Subaru 2009 and newer vehicles

Part # AFCVS01B (1 Gal)

Asian Green

All Hyundai, All Kia, All Mazda, All Mitsubishi, Suzuki Pre-2010, Nissan pre-2009, Infiniti pre-2009 & Subaru pre-2009 vehicles

Part # AFCVS01G (1 Gal)

European Blue/Green

All BMWs, All Minis, All Volvos, Mercedes pre-2014, Volkswagen pre-1997, Audi pre-1997, Jaguar pre-1999 and Porsche pre-1996

Part # AFCVS02T (1 Gal)

European Pink

Audi 1997 – 2007, Volkswagen 1997 – 2008, Porsche 1999 – 2009 & Jaguar 1999 and newer vehicles

Part # AFCVS02P (1 Gal)

European Purple

Audi 2008 and newer, Volkswagen 2009 and newer, Porsche 2010 and newer & Mercedes 2014 and newer vehicles

Part # AFCVS02V (1 Gal)