Lubrication is vital to keep the mechanical parts of your car functioning at the optimum level. Remember, friction is not your car’s only enemy. Enter grease, gunk, and debris to corrode your mechanical companion. Is there a solution to our car’s hygiene shortcomings?

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of degreasing your engine.

Degrease: What and Why?

Your car goes through a lot daily. Amongst all the revving and screeching, what lies under the hood can surprise you. Grime and dust can collect over time, eroding your car’s precious components. And let’s be honest, no one wants their bank to take a hit. The more grease, the better, right? Only till you start seeing smudges and smears of rigid grease excess in the most annoying nooks and crannies of your vehicle. All these factors harm your car’s market worth and eventually spoil your peace with frequent car repairs. Just degrease.


offer the right “solutions” to your vehicle’s oil-free needs. Comprising solvent-based cleaning agents, it helps remove the gunk and grease off your ride’s luxurious metallic skin. Besides the automotive industry, degreasers have found their way into various engineering marvels such as aircraft, nuclear power plants, and marine projects, to name a few.

Let’s look at how degreasers can help maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle’s engine.


In 2020 alone, America spent a whopping 175 billion dollars on motor vehicle repairs and maintenance. A jarring statistic depicts the importance of car maintenance. But why add degreasing to your extensive list of expenses of being a petrol head?

  • Performance:
  • Besides dolling up your engine till it’s squeaky clean, degreasers facilitate removing road grime to bolster your engine’s performance. Rule of thumb, the more you remove dirt from the exterior of your engine, the more your car is free from debris building up into your filter. Rev carefree!

  • Good looks:
  • Pimp your ride out with the hottest rims and decals till it turns heads towards your boulevard; the truth lies under the hood. What separates a good petrol-head from a normie car “enthusiast” is how the vehicle is taken care of from the inside out. A casual 15-minute degreasing errand could appreciate your car’s resale value.

  • Diagnosis and maintenance:
  • Routine inspection of your vehicle is equivalent to your annual check-up at the doctor. Amongst the complex components and mechanisms in your car, damages can be tucked away in tricky areas of the vehicle. A hearty degrease can remove old gunk and debris build-up only to reveal a dangerous leak unchecked for ages. Degreasing helps you diagnose issues earlier, look for a solution before it gets worse and weighs heavily on your finances.

  • Convenient:
  • Besides the engine, degreasers can be utilized to clean rims, hubcaps, and upholstery. Instead of using the soap and sponge method of cleaning, degreasers are laced with specialized solvents to make your cleaning efficient and convenient to perform. The idea is to encourage car maintenance to increase its longevity.

  • Bang for your buck:
  • Degrease reduces the possibility of suffering unnecessary repair expenditures. The money spent on repairs can be reinvested in other facets of the vehicle. Due to rising petrol and diesel prices, the propensity for users to spend on maintenance has diminished. Degreasers offer their value ranging from $15-$30 depending on the volume and quality of the product. For the ROI and protection aspects, degreasers are worth the investment.

Now that we understand the importance of degreasers in your car maintenance starter pack let’s know when is the right time to get them out of the garage.

Tips and application

There isn’t a specific time set to degrease your engine. It usually depends upon how you put your vehicle through its paces. It is wise to degrease your engine every 6000-10,000 miles. It is an excellent idea to degrease your machine after a fresh oil change.

Here are some tips before you degrease your car.

  • Keep a rain check:
  • Look out for sunny days on your weather app. A warm day is the ideal setting to help the engine dry quicker after you are finished degreasing it.

  • Drop it like it’s hot:
  • First, wait at least 15 minutes after switching your car engine off. Protect yourself from burns while the engine is still hot.

  • Beware of static:
  • Be sure to dislodge your battery’s negative terminal. Avoid a ride to the hospital due to electrocution. Your battery is prone to be exposed to getting wet during the cleaning process.

  • Mind the plastic:
  • It is advisable to remove any plastic components before degreasing as you can clean them separately.

  • Protect your gadgets:
  • Protect any electronic part or gadget with an old towel or remove it entirely before proceeding with cleaning to avoid unwanted damages.

Degrease with ease

Driving shouldn’t be a cause of stress but an escape from the mundaneness of life. Degreasers provide hassle-free solutions to keep your car as pristine as can be. Are you looking for the right product to degrease with ease? American MFG is your one-stop shop for high-quality degreasers at affordable rates. So degrease the way and drive with ease! Click on the link to order now.