Antifreeze Engine Coolants

Did you know almost 95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked? Modern vehicles are invented more efficiently and effectively, and already boast impressive performance and updated features. While some people spend money on paint, matte finishing, and window tinting, few desire to get antifreeze engine coolants or new tires for a finer performance. This blog is for you if you are a gearhead who falls under the second category.

A car is an essential vehicle used for multiple purposes. Sadly, most car owners don’t know how to take care of them and use them more efficiently. Following are a few tips that you can consider for improving your car’s performance.

Get new tires

Most people get confused about what sort of tires to choose for their car. It depends on what your goal is. If you are a rough driver, you might need a good grip on tires compared to someone who drives slowly. This means that a specific driving style could be one of the factors in choosing the best car tires. Location is another considerable factor in getting the right tires. Tires on a smooth surface might not be durable on bumpy roads or streets. If we take the example of racers, their tires are specifically designed with a soft compound which is the finest with the grip, but their durability is low. They are called R-Comps, DOT-approved for road use, and are not like standard car tires. Getting the best tires that fit all aspects is crucial for every car driver.

Cold Air Intake

The efficiency of your car depends on the air temperature your vehicle absorbs. A cold car intake is important in bringing cool air into the engine because colder air generates more power. This works better when a quality car coolant is being used. Antifreeze engine coolants are mixed with water and a chemical called ethylene glycol, which aids in maintaining the optimal temperature of your car during the extreme seasons of summers and winters. These coolants come in green, pink, or orange colors, making them unique. Cold air kits give your vehicle a higher and improved performance, maintaining more dynamic combustion. For the best antifreeze engine coolants in USA, visit American MFG CO and get your hands on premium quality coolants and oils at very reasonable prices.

As an enhancement, add superchargers as they increase your car’s horsepower up to 50% if installed correctly. Superchargers pressurize the air intake to reach above the average atmospheric level, while preventing the car from heating up.

Throw away the weight

Buying a new car is enough reason to be excited, but some like to add more tech to the vehicle to make it look cooler or get a more comfortable feel, but does that make your car heavy? One easy way to refine a car’s performance is to eliminate all excess weight. It won’t increase the speed of the car, but it will improve its performance.

Use High-Quality Fuel

Multiple oil companies are adding water and other liquids that most people are unaware of, which ruin the engine’s durability and performance. For a better engine or overall car performance, premium quality oil should be on your purchase list. High-quality oil is expensive, but if you look at it in the long term, it saves you high-cost maintenance by improving your car’s performance and conditions. When your car runs perfectly, it will not need to be repaired. Use the best quality oil available.

Upgrade your exhaust systems

Thinking of improving your car’s performance and not upgrading the exhaust system is not a good move. A better exhaust system helps improve your car’s stock pipes, leading to better performance. But every car fits in with a specific exhaust system, and the right fit will improve horsepower, fuel economy, and torque.


While fancy gadgets improve a car’s look and feel, a real car guy would also maintain its performance and keep it up-to-date. Better performance comes with better car coolants, exhaust systems, prime-quality fuel, air suspensions, differentials, and so much more. If you are dreaming of getting a new car, do some proper research and look for better performance rather than just going over fancy looks.