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Ever wondered how you can find the best windshield washer fluid for your car?
A long drive, a tour, or just a short trip to the nearby Seven Eleven, driving can be one of the most rewarding hobbies you can develop. You are inspired to leave your warm bed and wake up early in the morning by the overwhelming urge to grab the car keys and take your beloved on a long drive to say the 6 AM sunrise.
You give it a hearty handkerchief wipe and a swoosh of the windshield wiper fluid you administered yesterday. It’s all the regular, and you’re okay with it until you swerve your way toward the beach. You are anticipating the warm sun to greet you as it shimmers off the sea.
When the only shimmering you can see is the dirty streaks left on your windshield, hindering your vision of the beautiful scenery, leftover debris, and gunk built up on the corners of the windscreen, welcoming your day, it highlights your negligence.
Your ability to see is integral for perceiving the world, and proper windshield care gives your car the best eyes to view the world. But how do we fix this?
Windshield wiper fluid is the answer. It is the go-to product to make sure your windscreen is squeaky clean. But how to pick the best windshield washer fluid for your car? Let’s find out.

Alcohol percentage

One of the leading cleaning agents present in wiper fluid is alcohol. And the winter-specific ingredients are isopropanol, ethanol, and methanol. This will keep the liquid from freezing in colder conditions and develop ice to cause severe visibility issues. Please note that these fluids are highly toxic and must be applied wisely without bringing them in contact with your eyes.


Do your research. Before investing in a premium windshield wiper fluid, you should look for reviews thoroughly. The background of the company and the other products in their portfolio will tell a lot about their credibility. Try assessing the number of their sales and how prominent they are in the market. A notable company would not cut corners in the quality of its products to remain competitive in the market and not lose its share.


Besides the price, longevity is vital to ensure you are not heading to the shop every two weeks for a washer fluid refill. The product should be able to sustain its effect on the shield and keep it spotless under harsh weather conditions. Ask your supplier the needed questions and take your time before swiping your credit card.


A suitable windshield wiper fluid should give you the best bang for your buck. Rising petrol costs have left the disposable incomes for households moth-eaten, hurting the sales of car maintenance products. Maintenance is now perceived as a want rather than a need, which should not be accepted. Compare the prices of different products and choose what falls under your budget. Retailers tend to clear out dead stock for low prices to make room for inventory. Watch out for these clearance sales and discounted offers on windshield wiper fluids to save your change.
To save on windshield wiper fluid as much as possible, it is essential to look out for any chance of wastage or detect if the washer fluid is working correctly.

What to do if the windshield washer fluid isn’t working?

  1. Examine your windscreen washer hoses:
  2. There might be a fault in the washer hose due to a crack or leakage. The hose is attached to the wiper nozzles. For cases like these, replace them with a new hose.

  3. Clogs from fluid nozzles:
  4. There might be debris build-up in the nozzles. Unclog any dirt by using a needle. Please make sure the hand is sturdy enough not to bend into it.

  5. Fuses:
  6. Inspect any electrical fuse in the washer system that might seem dysfunctional. You can refer to the instructions to correspond to the appropriate fuse. If there is any evidence of frying, replace the fuse and get back a squeaky-clean windscreen.

  7. Water pump defects:
  8. Once all of your other problems are checked and seem in perfect order, we can conclude a possibility that your washer fluid pumps are defective. Contact your local workshop for an inspection and rectification.

  9. Leakages:
  10. Watch out for unnecessary splashes or drippage collecting at the bottom of the car. Check your fluid levels and assess any unusual depletion.

    Don’t cut corners

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