Choosing the best windshield washer fluid

Are you the perfectionist petrolhead who always wants a crystal-clear windshield?

It is without a doubt that washer fluids help clean windshields that will look just as new. Some people are inclined to pick plain water as their go-to cleaning source and neglect the vast difference it makes in the longer run. The windshield washer holds an upper hand over plain water and always produces the results it claims.

In case you are wondering why washer fluid should be the first choice?

  • Washer fluid is the all-in-one agent for all kinds of windshield cleaning
  • Water tends to freeze in extreme winter seasons and chilly climates
  • It cleans other invisible bacteria and harmful germs.

Zero tolerance on windshield clarity

While cleaning the windshield might seem straightforward, finding a suitable washer is where the challenge lies. You need to check on a few significant attributes to see an adequate washer fluid that will keep the windshield as good as new and will never be a spot of bother in terms of visibility while driving.

Now that we have established that washer fluids outweigh water as the cleaning agent, it is time to choose an appropriate washer fluid for your windshield. There are a few aspects that you must consider before you make the final call.

Climate suitable

Ensuring that a windshield washer fluid is suitable for the climate is critical, especially for those who reside in rather cold territories where the weather gets extreme for prolonged periods. Reading the label and description of the washer will help you decide on the perfect washer for your windshield.

Although most fluids are compatible with all seasons, checking the temperature range should be the right way.

Safety concerns

Water only removes the elemental dust or dirt while leaving stubborn stains on the windshield. On the other hand, washer fluids will undoubtedly take care of all the spots in one go. It will prevent any safety hazards or accidents caused due to unclear windshields. It might shock most people, but poor visibility is the cause of many road accidents.

Car type

Knowing your vehicle is another crucial element in picking the perfect windshield washer. Having knowledge about the built quality and the paint material around your car’s windshield will prevent you from choosing an unsuitable washer fluid. It is vital since some of the washer fluids contain toxic substances and alcohol that can harm the paint and other rubber/plastic materials around the windshield.

Try out a few options

The best way to do this is to try out a few washer fluids and analyze the differences in their cleaning effect. You don’t want to buy a large bottle of washer fluids and be forced to continue with the washer without being fully content with the result. Buy it in small quantities so you can easily replace the windshield washer as you see fit.

Need help finding the right source for different types of washer fluids? American MFG offers quite a few options with detailed descriptions so you can prioritize the perfect windshield washer for your car.

Getting an expert opinion

If you are still trying to decide which windshield washer is the best, it is better to consult an expert rather than pick anything that looks right. An expert will guide you after going through the standard inspection of your car and providing you with the best washer fluid your windshield deserves.


We petrol heads love our cars, and to do justice to the love we claim, we need to take care of our windshields as much as we do for the engines since the windshield also plays an essential role in making up for a smooth, effortless, and trouble-free drive. By keeping the aspects mentioned above in check, you can avoid unforeseen safety concerns and have a better chance of making a perfect choice.