Windshield Wiper Fluid

Shield your windshield

With the hike in petrol prices and no respite in sight, our automotive community is condoling each other’s wallets in pursuit of keeping the gas tank full. We are pushed to the edge of the tracks, forced to resort to setting aside our want for hot new decals to afford a pint of diesel. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and oh, what a time to be alive.

It isn’t easy to prioritize car maintenance in your daily rubber-burning activity. Users feel compelled to resort to using stripped-down and makeshift methods of care.

But where should we cut corners?

On a cold winter afternoon, you switch the ignition on to pick up your mother from the airport. With the snow comes the need to drive responsibly, protecting yourself and considering the safety of your passenger… especially if it is mother dearest. Gas, check, brake, check… your checklist meets a halt as soon as you glance through your car’s eyes into the smudgy, gunky whites left by your hearty windshield “wash,” or whatever you would call, pour a bottle of tap water onto the glass components of your car.

What may seem like mere smudges are deadly bottlenecks hampering your driving experience, or could it be worse?

Let’s discuss the problems with this makeshift solution:


An O’brainer, the goop accumulated on your windshield gifted by the bird that sings you good morning can be rigid to remove—leaving unflattering smudges and trails of remains to taint your vision while driving. Fogging and a cloudy windshield are prone to stubborness after a careless water wipe. It is reasonable to weigh the costs and benefits before investing. How does trading $3.97 for your life sound?

The lack of visibility can be a hazard during a rainy, foggy, or snowy day. Some windshield washer solutions offer a “bug remover” formula to rid you of the stubborn debris left on your potential new windscreen.

On thin ice

We’re all in for saving money; after all, being a car owner is a tap twisted clockwise on your wallet. In pursuit of freezing your outgoing cash, you might end up with frozen car components. Scenario, the water makes its way into your car’s guts, only to freeze in an innocent Wednesday snow. The tubing inside your vehicle is prone to burst; even if it does not, you still have to tend to the chore of removing sheets of ice and making your windshield look like the inside of your refrigerator. Save yourself the hassle, and turn the tap counterclockwise by pulling the trigger on a suitable windshield wiper fluid.

Legionnaire’s Disease

Yes, you can read that again. You just changed the channel from Top Gear to Grey’s Anatomy.

With the name of something out of horror fiction, Legionnaire’s Disease is a type of pneumonia. A bacteria called Legionella thrives in stagnant water deposits (hint, hint: The washer fluid reservoir in your car). Studies have debunked that truck drivers are five times more likely to experience the adversities of this disease than the average person.

The prognosis? The drivers most likely used water instead of an anti-bacterial/convenient washer fluid. To make matters worse, studies have linked 20% of all Legionnaire’s disease cases to windshield wiper water.
Spraying water on your windshield can cause a generous amount of mist to invade your car’s cabin through its vents. The bacterial moisture can find its way to your immune system by an unconscious inhale, affecting your lungs. The disease is fatal in 10-15% of cases, making matters serious.

Asthma patients, children, and the elderly are especially advised to beware of the disease. To avoid a doctor’s prescription, prioritize wiper shield fluid on your vehicle checklist.

A “dirty” battle

Before investing in weaponry, it is essential to know the enemy. Dust, dirt, and mud are just a few names in the army to get you your windshield. Dust creates a fog, only to add to high humidity results. Mud splatters rigid debris onto your windscreen, only to freeze to make matters worse. Dust amplifies the glare from the sun and the annoying beam of headlights causing you to honk cuss words at the oncoming driver.
Luckily, this myriad of issues is not a problem for suitable washer fluid. The product includes methanol and alcohol-based agents ready for battle, such as ethylene glycol to scrape off frozen gunk with a swift swipe of the wrist, saving you numerous aching minutes of scraping your windscreen with mere water.

Wash your shield

Your windshield shields you from the potential dangers of being on the road. That’s one of the various reasons to keep windshield wiper fluid /washer fluid on your automotive checklist. So wash away the stress and have your loved ones ride with you safely, without a mess.

That leaves us with one question… which one to buy? American MFG brings you their windshield wiper fluid /washer fluid collection at affordable rates. Ditch the bottleneck filled with water and get your hands on their product today because your windshield needs a shield too.