American Mfg. Co.

Are you the finicky petrolhead always wanting what’s the best for their ride? This blog will take you through the best options to keep your ride smooth and trouble-free. American Mfg Co. will take care of all your concerns and confusion regarding where to buy the best products, whether it’s windshield washer fluids, engine coolant, motor oils, etc. So let’s dive in and find out what American Mfg is and what products they have in store for us.

About American Mfg Co

Operating for more than 25 years in the Automotive and Industrial Chemicals business, American Mfg Co. is a family-owned company based in Miami, Florida. Best known for its quality products worldwide, Rudson brand products takes pride in implementing advanced level technology and always thriving to eliminate any issues hindering product quality. Their self-directed cross-functional team is responsible and dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the performance and functionality of the product. Due to the consistency and continuous improvement in quality, American Mfg and Rudson brands have been the popular choice of consumers for over a decade.

Let’s look at the products we offer.

  1. Cleaner & Degreaser
  2. Cleaners and degreasers help in wiping off grease and oil stains without much scrubbing.

    Why do you need a Degreaser?

    If left untreated, grease, oil, soil stains, and cutting fluid can adversely affect your car. A degreaser will help you clear the stains and oil, and grease much faster and without extensive scrubbing.

    American Mfg has the best concentrated industrial strength cleaners and degreasers that will not only do the job effectively but also be pocket-friendly.

  3. Purple Tuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser
  4. Say goodbye to the cleaners, detergents, and other degreasers as Purple Tuff multi-purpose cleaner will take care of the stubborn stains singlehandedly without the need for you to spend extra time or money on scrubbing and brushing.

    • Unlike single-purpose cleaners, Purple Tuff concentrate allows custom blending for stronger cleanings

    • It is non-toxic and biodegradable

    • It is not hazardous or flammable

    • No need to brush and scrub; just rinse it off, and you will have a clean surface.

    All of the above factors will eventually save you money buying additional products or services. Here are the packaging specifications and PT Dilution Chart.

  5. Windshield Washer Fluids
  6. This is perhaps the most anticipated product for the customers of American Mfg Co, and why not? Windshield washers are essential in giving you a safer, smoother driving experience. Be it mud stains, bug smears, and other slimy spots, American Mfg’s washer fluids will take care of them all and guarantee crystal-clear windshields. They also have antifreeze formulae to clear frost that might appear in cold weather. You can get your hands on the following windshield washer fluids by American Mfg.

    • BUGOFF Windshield Washer

    A summer special washer fluid formulated with advanced technology for streak-free cleaning, this windshield washer does not contain any harsh chemicals that might damage the wiper blade and car’s body paint.

    • RUDSON Windshield Washer

    Another popular choice of American Mfg customers, RUDSON washer fluid, is a ready-to-use solvent that will take care of spots in summer and be helpful in chilly weather as well.

    • BUGOFF All-Season Windshield Washer

    It’s in the name. The all-season BUGOFF Windshield Washer with antifreeze properties will help melt frost in winter and work best in the rainfall with its water-beading technology. And, of course, a shiny clean windshield with improved visibility.

    • BUGOFF Windshield Washer Ultra Concentrate

    Wondering why it says ultra concentrate? It is because it is formulated to custom dilute that make more than 200 gallons of ready-to-use washer fluid. Specially designed for summer, this windshield washer will wipe off bug protein, road grime, and mud stains. The washer fluid also comes in a 2.2 oz convenient bottle that makes up 6 gallons of liquid.

    • BUGOFF Windshield Washer AntiFreeze Concentrate

    If you are waiting for an Antifreeze concentrate, American Mfg covers you by offering the best Antifreeze Concentrate washer fluid. The concentrate can make up to 24 gallons of fluids and works best in the tropical and winter season.

  7. Engine Coolant & Antifreeze
  8. Antifreeze coolant helps maintain the temperature of engine fluids. In summer, the coolant prevents the fluids from boiling, and the antifreeze property stops the engine fluids from freezing. American Mfg has a variety of products by RUDSON in the engine coolant category.

    • Conventional Green 100% Full Strength

    This RUDSON Product Is formulated with non-recuperated Ethylene Glycol and a mixture of inhibitors and defoamers to shield against rust and corrosion. It keeps the water pump safe and accommodates the temperature.

    • Conventional Green 50/50

    For use in cars and light-duty trucks, it will provide complete protection for a minimum of 2 years. The product is not harmful to rubber parts.

    • Asian Green Extended life Red 50/50

    Incorporated with premium organic acid additive technology and ethylene glycol-based, it protects metal and aluminum parts for up to 5 years or 150,000 miles.

    • Universal All Makes Model Life 50/50

    RUDSON Universal Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant protects cars and light-duty trucks from corrosion while maintaining the temperature according to the season.

    Other products in the Coolant & Antifreeze category include:
    • Universal All Makes Model Extended Life 100%
    • Diesel Heavy Duty Antifreeze 50/50
    • Diesel Heavy Duty Antifreeze 100% full Strength
    • LUBRIKOOL Radiator Additive
    • LUBRIKOOL Radiator Aditivive Red
    • RUDSON Engine Coolant

  9. Motor Oil
  10. In the Motor Oil category, you will find Formula Duramaxx Premium Motor Oils manufactured with a specific mixture of premium base oils and additives. Combined with a high-quality viscosity modifier, the motor oil protects against oxidants and corrosion.

  11. RUDSON Azul DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  12. It is formulated with high-quality urea and demineralized water. The RUDSON Azul DEF features include but are not limited to:

    • Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic
    • Premixed with pure water
    • Long shelf life

    Apart from providing exceptional products for Automotive Industry, American Mfg also has a variety of household chemicals, including surface cleaners, tile cleaners, kitchen cleaners, etc.

    With so many quality and economical options available, American Mfg is deservingly and fittingly the number one pick for car owners.