Engine Oil

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pull up in the middle of the road just because you couldn’t smoothly change gears?

Every vehicle contains various fluids running it, and each fluid has its own significance. One such fluid is engine oil. It is the lifeline for your vehicle, and not keeping track of it can lead to multiple crises like engine repairs, and sometimes, it can require a complete engine replacement. Oil change should be prioritized when it comes to car maintenance.

The right quality and quantity of oil can operate your vehicle effectively and efficiently. Rusty, gone-bad engine oil means your car will complain as it won’t be able to cool the engine down while it overheats.

Here are some major signs indicating that your car needs an immediate oil change.

  1. Dark or Rusty Oil
  2. Unclear, black, dirty oil is the most common and obvious sign that your car requires an oil change. Clean oil has an amber-golden color which depicts it is free from dust and other contaminants. The darkening of oil and irregularity in its texture are indications that it is time for an oil change. Regularly checking your car’s oil composition will prevent engine damage.

  3. Difficulty Changing Gears
  4. Difficulty in changing gears also necessitates an oil change. Low quantity or rusty oil can damage your car’s mechanisms and functioning. Engine oil is linked to the engine, transmission, and car performance. If not addressed, it can compromise your safety and impair your engine performance.

  5. Vehicle Causing Vibrations While Driving
  6. No vehicle should vibrate while driving because if it does, there’s an internal problem that requires a solution.

    Have you ever encountered a situation where your vehicle vibrates whenever you’re idle? This common issue reveals that your vehicle is due for an oil change. Talk to your mechanic about this because the more you delay, the more problems you invite.

  7. Reduction in Fuel Average
  8. Another essential symptom you must keep an eye out for is a reduction in fuel economy. Too many stops at the gas station mean your fuel average has reduced – a significant issue that needs to be addressed.

    Well, a reduction in fuel economy is not always likely to happen due to oil changes. It can also occur due to problems in some parts of the engine or transmission. Being proactive and observant about the issue can prevent significant problems.

    Stop delaying and consult a professional mechanic when your fuel average lowers.

  9. The Strong Smell of Oil
  10. You might have noticed, at times, whenever you enter your car, that there is this strong and weird smell of oil. This can happen due to oil leakage, a warning sign that must be addressed immediately. Oil leakage can also lead to overheating, which causes a strong smell of fumes in your vehicle.

Significance of Changing Engine Oil

You have heard a lot about oil changes, but the reason behind it might make you curious. Changing engine oil on time keeps your car’s engine clean and safe to drive. Fewer problems are created in your vehicle while allowing you to run it smoothly and efficiently.

Delaying the change in engine oil can lead the oil to mix with dust particles and sludge, which decreases your engine’s lifespan. It also leads to internal combustion, which causes the oil to lose its viscosity. Not only this – not changing oil increases exhaust emissions.

Frequent oil changes are crucial for better performance and preventing an engine from overheating. It aids in improving fuel efficiency and also reduces fuel combustion while keeping your engine healthy.


It is clear why checking your engine oil on time is essential. Despite the healthy performance of the engine, it saves you tons of money and extends your car’s life.

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