Few drivers give engine coolants a second thought when taking a brief look at the car’s health. Did you know that engine automotive coolants, also known as engine coolants perform three vital roles that ensure your vehicle keeps running smoothly and performing optimally? A coolant lowers the freezing point of your car’s cooling system during the winters, raises its boiling point during the summers, and prevents your engine from corrosion all year round.

Different Types of Engine Coolant

Most drivers don’t know that different vehicles require different variants of coolants. Every type of vehicle has a wide range to choose from. Be its diesel engines to Asian, American, and European cars. Each coolant is designed and formulated to keep its respective engine type running in extreme weather conditions. As the driver/owner, you must know the differences in coolant types and choose the right antifreeze for your vehicle.

Here’s how you can keep track of different kinds of coolants.

IAT: Inorganic Additive Technology Coolant

Inorganic Additive Technology has been used in vehicles for decades, especially in older cars. However, it’s rarely used in modern vehicles because of its fast depletion rate. It has to be changed more frequently, roughly two years or after every 24,000 miles.

HOAT: Hybrid Organic Acid Technology Coolant

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology-based coolants are the perfect mixture of OAT and IAT. Primarily available in yellow and orange colors, HOAT coolants are commonly used in Ford and Chrysler vehicles. Want to know the best part? Only a few brands offer the best quality of HOAT-based coolants. American MFG offers the RUDSON Long Life XLR Coolant, embedded with a premium Ethylene Glycol base, i.e., Borate-free. So, do you have a modern car at your disposal? This coolant allows a service life of up to 150,000 miles and five years, protecting all kinds of metals.

The Current Market Value of Automotive Coolants

Automotive coolants usually flow through devices to prevent overheating or transference of heat. These coolants are used in all types of vehicles, such as heavy and moderate commercial vehicles and passenger cars. A market survey indicated that the commercial segment revenue for coolants is estimated to increase to $677m by 2025 with a growing CAGR of 6.05%. One of the reasons for the increase in the demand for these products is the increasing concerns about pollutant emissions from high-end diesel-powered vehicles.

Benefits of an Automotive Coolant

We briefly mentioned the importance of an automotive coolant initially, but there’s a lot more that it has to offer. When the engine is running, your engine coolant consistently circulates through the engine and the radiator; this maximizes air intake. The air passes through the radiator’s fins and cools the circulating coolant down.

For now, we have listed down a list of benefits of coolant, which tells why they have become an absolute necessity for vehicles with time.

  • Coolants prevent your car’s engine from reaching boiling temperatures during the hot summer season.
  • It helps to extend the life of plastic and rubber components.
  • You can reduce electrolysis, which could potentially erode engine components and cause costly repairs.
  • A coolant can maintain optimum fuel economy in today’s high fuel prices.
  • Are you planning for a long drive? A coolant can prevent car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.
  • With the increase in prices in car repair services, a suitable coolant can reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Another main advantage of an engine coolant is that it helps in reducing engine rust and corrosion. Remember that corrosion can cause detrimental harm if you don’t use the proper coolant for your system.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the ease and great functionality while driving on a long winding road? Ensure that your car’s coolant and the oil level are checked at all times. Coolants also play a significant role in improving the performance of your engine. So, don’t take the risk and buy your automotive coolant today.

American MFG offers a wide array of coolants and antifreeze for all kinds of vehicles. So, whether you have an older car or a modern convertible, we have coolants to keep your engine up and running for a long time. Visit the website today and order your vehicle’s coolant today.