The world is currently under the influence of global warming. With extreme temperatures and unprecedented weather conditions, global warming is causing problems that were previously impossible even to consider. Along with healthcare issues and environmental downfall, global warming is also an enemy for modern-day vehicles. During extreme weather conditions, engines bear the brunt to protect you, especially in winters. That’s when an antifreeze becomes the hero who saves your engine’s cooling system. But there’s a lot more buying antifreeze for vehicles can do.

What is Anti-Freeze

Before we understand the role of antifreeze in vehicles, let’s first understand the product. Antifreeze is a colored liquid that prevents the water inside your engine from freezing during harsh temperatures. It does so by lowering its freezing point. So, when the temperature outside drops, the solutions are pumped into the engine and maintain an even temperature inside. But most drivers don’t know that your vehicle needs an antifreeze solution throughout the year, not just during winters. Apart from keeping the temperature of your engine maintained, antifreeze offers other benefits as well.

Aiding in Heat Transfer Procedures

Heat transference is an important in vehicles because it keeps your engine intact for a long time. An antifreeze solution will ensure that heat within the engine gets transferred perfectly. By raising the boiling and freezing point in summers and winters respectively, the antifreeze will keep your engines finely tuned for years to come.

Improving Your Vehicle’s HVAC System with Antifreeze

Heating, ventilation, and AC systems are essential aspects of any vehicle. Unlike the HVAC tracks of residential and commercial units, vehicles require more observation. Keep in mind that vehicles move around from one place to another, often in varying temperatures. Antifreeze used in HVAC systems prevents pipes from freezing and causing damage. They also minimize the risks of build-up and corrosion, keeping your system well on track for a long time.

Prevents Engine Damage

During the winter, antifreeze ensures the engine isn’t damaged from freezing and other parts. Further, it improves engine stressors, such as cracking and overheating caused by higher air temperatures. So, if you’re wondering whether buying antifreeze for your vehicle is wise or not, this reason should be enough to convince you.

Better Than Water

Many drivers suggest that water works just as well as an antifreeze, but the reality is different. Using water as antifreeze is common but not recommended, especially during winter. Scientifically speaking, water expands upon freezing, and exert pressure on the engine, leading to deteriorated engine performance. With more water, the impact can be far more detrimental. Antifreeze helps dilute the water, preventing it from freezing by keeping your engine’s performance well during winter.

Which Antifreeze Should You Invest in?

Those days are gone when one kind of antifreeze or coolant would work on any type of engine. With modernized vehicles more popular, different antifreeze and coolants are available on the market. Different engines have varying antifreeze requirements, so buying antifreeze for vehicles can be tough.
The first order of business in buying antifreeze is to understand your vehicle’s engine. Remember, most older cars were manufactured with the same cooling systems, so their antifreeze requirement is the same. However, modern cars have their own preferred antifreeze that work well specifically with their engines. We have briefly explained each of them for your understanding.

  • Organic Acid Technology (OAT): OAT is one of those modern and superior coolants in yellow, red, and purple colors. Usually, cars manufactured by General Motors use this formula, but this antifreeze might not be compatible with other engines. Diesel Heavy Duty Antifreeze from American MFG is one of the finest OAT-based antifreeze solutions on the market. It has long-lasting inhibitors, which provides up to 600,0000 miles and 12,000 hours of protection against harsh temperature.
  • Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT): Derived from OAT, HOAT adds the hybrid element to the initial formula. These antifreeze solutions are found in orange and yellow color, which is often used in high-profile vehicles like Ford and Chrysler. But as the owner of these cars, you must find this antifreeze from a good store. Luckily, American MFG is one of the country’s finest online stores, offering the Asian Vehicle Extended Life Red 50/50. This antifreeze protects modern engines during both extreme summer and winter seasons.
  • Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT): This old-school antifreeze isn’t compatible with modern vehicles. However, if you’re an owner of vintage cars, this is the antifreeze for you.

Bottom Line

One thing to remember when buying antifreeze for vehicles is that no matter how good it is; you must keep track of your engine’s performance. We suggest that you take your car to a repair service before the beginning of both summers and winters. This way you can keep your car well-maintained for a long time and prevent any serious damage that could cost you a fortune.