Engine Coolants Made in USA

Have you ever experienced a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere? One of the customary issues regarding this is the non-maintenance of the engine coolants. People assume that antifreeze is the only essential in chilly winters or when the engine is overheated. They fail to understand the bigger purpose that an antifreeze serves.

What is a Coolant?

It is a functional fluid used for the smooth operation of your vehicle’s engine to prevent overheating and even protecting your engine from freezing. Modern engines get hotter due to their eccentric designs and power, requiring a prime quality fluid to make them run reliably and smoothly. Likewise, in winters with sub-zero temperatures, coolants aid in averting the engine from getting jammed.

What is Engine Coolant Made of?

Made up of two fluids – ethylene glycol, deionized water, and some additional special additives coolant- a perfect fluid to obviate corrosion and protect metal objects. The deionized water in the coolant aids in absorbing heat that is not possible with plain water.

The ingredients of the coolant include

  • Ethylene Glycol is considered the base ingredient of the coolant. This chemical ingredient ensures circulation in the car’s engine, which neither freezes in extreme weather nor evaporates in humidity.
  • Water Mixing water in half the quantity of coolant with antifreeze is what makes a coolant. The quantity ratio of the mixture is approved by the car manufacturer, which can vary depending on the engine.
  • Propylene Glycol is a counterpart for ethylene glycol. It is less hazardous and considered to be environmentally friendly.
  • Corrosion inhibitors are added to ethylene glycol and water. These additional additives, like carboxylates and phosphates, preclude corrosion.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, the functional fluid prevents the engine from overheating or freezing. It avoids corrosion and runs the engine steadily. But the question is, how does it work effectively? This process is quite simple.

Every car engine heats up due to constant operation, so it needs to be cooled down. The coolant is passes through engine passages. The closed loop of a combustion engine leads to build up of gases and issues like radiator leaks and malfunctions in the water pump increase. As soon as the engine coolant is added, the boiling point of the fluid increases, and the freezing point decreases, which helps stabilize engine during extreme temperatures.

The viscous liquid is mixed with water to make it flow better, typically with a 50:50 ratio. But it depends on what sort of fluid your vehicle requires. Some vehicles consist of heavy-duty diesel engines, while others have light-duty.

Significance of Engine Coolants

  • Coolants beat the heat of Summer. The name “coolant” depicts the essential function the fluid performs. The glycol-based formula in the engine coolants aids in reducing the heat of the engines and prevents them from blasting and other damages.
  • Antifreeze protects you from harm. Just like a human body needs a healthy, nutritious life with quality sleep and food, your vehicles require water, coolants, engine oil, and fuel to run. Without food and sleep, our energy levels in daily functioning get impaired, right? The same happens with our vehicles. Maintaining them is necessary to avoid damage. Most car accidents occur due to a lack of maintenance of your vehicle.
  • Prime quality coolants increase the car’s performance by providing optimum conditions to thrive. Stable distribution of heat and antifreeze discards the extra heat from your engines, giving you a jovial and carefree driving experience. A car is a burly investment that can become disastrous if not appropriately maintained.
  • Coolants provide extra protection from corrosion and rust on metals.
  • Engine coolants prevent engine failure.
  • Non-reactive to other components and chemicals.

Bottom Line!

Engine coolants made in the USA are of premium quality and variety, accessible for all engines and vehicles. If you need to experience a congenial ride with smoothness and ease, then a weekly checkup on your engine coolants, water, and engine oil is necessary. It not only improves your car riding experience but your overall long-term performance.

If you have been using plain water in your engine, it’s time to implement the information gained from this blog and replace water with antifreeze coolants. If you are looking for genuine and top-notch quality coolants, American MFG CO is the best place to find all sorts of coolants perfect for your vehicles.