bug-free windshield washers

A clean windshield ensures a safe trip for the driver and the car. Every car owner wants to protect their windshield from scratches and cracks to make the journey safe and sound. But the truth is that we don’t get everything we wish for in life. Sometimes, the smooth driving experience encounters some unwanted guests called bugs.

A bug lands on your windshield while driving and leaves tons of mess. As a responsible car owner, you must ensure that the bug hasn’t damaged your windshield. There’s a possible chance that a bug hit might leave several smears and scratches on your windshield. It can drastically impact your driving visibility, putting your life at risk.

The only way to avoid any long-term damage to your car is to look for bug-free windshield washers. These washers can play a pivotal role in helping you protect your car against scratches, smears, and cracks.

We all know that a windshield washer is a perfect solution to keep your car’s windshield safe for a long time. To avoid inconvenience, every car owner must have a reliable windshield washer in the car protection kit. Despite demonstrating remarkable results, normal windshield washers can be of little help when dealing with bugs and other insects.

As a car enthusiast, you must look for bug-free windshield washers to minimize the damage caused by a bug. Many car owners believe that bugs cause minimal threats to their cars. But it’s far from the truth.

The Need for a Bug-Free Windshield Washers Fluid

Insects can do much more damage to your windshield than you can imagine. Different bugs have acidic entrails that damage your car. This can lead to windshield residue buildup, chipped paint, and permanent marks on your glass that can affect the overall visibility. Protecting your windshield from bug damage saves you the cost of windshield repairs. It prevents dead bugs from diminishing your car’s aesthetic beauty and value.

There are many bugs free windshield washers available in the market. But it is challenging to choose the right one for your car. Many car owners might find it difficult to pick the perfect windshield washer. But we have got you covered.

This blog will help you make an ideal choice when selecting a windshield washer.
A good quality windshield washer is a must-have tool to protect your car. It can play a pivotal role in improving your visibility, providing you with a clearer view. But, when it comes to fighting bugs that invade your windshields, you need something different.

Bugs-free windshield washers are designed to protect your car against bug residue. They can help you safeguard your car against unwanted damage and scratches. The following windshield washers are some of the best you can find in the market.

Bugoff Windshield Washer

The Bugoff windshield washer by American MFG is nothing but a nightmare for the bugs. This revolutionary fluid contains detergent that has the strength to break down the protein found in insects. The premium quality windshield protection liquid does a perfect job of eliminating dirt and grime to provide a streak-free shine. The breaking of protein makes it a lot easier to remove the bugs and the residue that they leave behind. It’s one of the best windshield washers you can find in the market.

Nextzett Kristall Klarr Washer Fluid

If you are tired of bugs invading your car’s windshield, this fluid is for you. This windshield washer by Nextzett is 200 times more concentrated than its counterparts. What makes this fluid a popular choice is the absence of ammonia and phosphate to keep your car’s plastic, paint, rubber, and chrome surfaces safe against impact. It’s an investment that every car lover should consider to safeguard their windshields. Another thing that sets it apart is that one bottle can make up to 12 gallons of reliable washer liquid.

Preston All-Season 3-in-1 Windshield Washer Fluid

Preston All Season Washer Fluid lives up to its name. It does everything that you expect from a good-quality washer fluid. It’s your perfect tool against mud, ice, dust, grime, and snow. It can help you get rid of the residue left by the bugs. Additionally, it is suitable mainly for de-freezing as it contains ingredients that can help you avoid freeze-downs.

Sanco Industries Aqua Charge Windshield Washer Ultra Concentrate

The Aqua Charge Windshield Washer Ultra is the way to go if you want to escape from filling your reservoir again and again. This reliable windshield washer can make up to 55 gallons of washer fluid, which is enough for all four seasons. It can also help you eliminate the marks and smears left behind by stubborn bugs.

Are you looking for a reliable windshield washer fluid for your car’s windshield? American MFG works dedicatedly to help you improve your visibility while driving. Our top-quality windshield washer fluid protects your car against bugs, snow, mud, and dirt.

No matter how difficult and demanding the weather conditions turn out to be, we have got you covered. You no longer have to worry about your windshield getting ruined. We at American MFG offer windshield protection products that can make your car last for years.